The forest fire

  1. Arcath
    Although it looks nice we really could do with dealing with it.

    It also seems to spawn new burning trees, the area outside my cave was clear of trees and fire but I came on a bit later to find more trees on fire.

    perhaps some kind of wall around the area and we could turn it into lake edugeek?
  2. bladedanny
    I'm all for the lake edugeek idea. But who will pay for my moving fees? My little hidy hole is in the area you propose to make lake edugeek.
  3. LiamH
    Trouble is some of the tree's are quite high, I think even a lake would struggle to stop the fire. Water is a pain to use on a large scale as well to make it still water, still think arming a load of geeks with axes is the way forward. Or maybe some map editing...
  4. notalot
    I had the same problem on one of my early servers, took ages to sort (this was before Bioms). As LiamH said hand out the axes, possibly spawn a load and put them in a storage box
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