EduGeek Linux Users

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  1. Gerry
    Use Ubuntu at work. Waiting for drivers to catch up so I can use it on my home PC.
  2. RabbieBurns
    2 gentoo servers, ubuntu dualbooting on my laptop.
  3. Irazmus
    Six Debian and one Ubuntu server at work, one Ubuntu server at home.
    No clients as yet.
  4. Gatt
    I use 2 distros/

    Fedora 8 (moving to 9)
    and Ubuntu - even my partner can use it!

    Fedora is great for Web Server stuff - tried it with Ubuntu but it wasnt as easy as Fedora..
  5. Ingotian
    I'm on Ubuntu. Started on Mandrake, had a brief fling on Linspire then Ubuntu. Does everything I need and more. Been on broadband now for about 6 years with no anti-virus software. Try doing that on Windows :-)
  6. linescanner
    Ubuntu, Debian and SUSE. However starting to fall in love with OpenSolaris
  7. ITEric
    I personally use Ubuntu most of the time, but I like Mint and Fedora as well.
  8. malcolmsmith_PCHS
    Started using Ubuntu for work and home, just downloaded a puppy from the net, looked like it needed a good home
  9. Marci
    Does FreeBSD count??
  10. soapyfish
    I run an ubuntu server hosting squid at work and a OpenBSD pf firewall to seperate the wireless network from the curriculum network so that the students can hook up their insecure laptops to the school network.
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