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  1. FN-GM
    I don't use linux as much as i used to, but i will be getting back into it shortly
  2. DMcCoy
    So, I spend the day compiling Squid to go with DansGuardian as the version I use is missing a feature needed to pass ntlm usernames to the log.

    3.0 is missing the feature too \o/

    Now compiling 2.6
  3. comedydave
    I occasionally install ubuntu, then feel it doesn't fulfil my needs and lose it again
    Getting a Laptop for my general use soon, so my desktop will become a perminant linux box. Any suggestions on distro
  4. Geoff
    Have you tried Linux Mint. It's a tweaked Ubuntu for Desktops.
  5. Alis_Klar
    For speed on old hardware I like SAM Linux with its light(ish) XFCE window manager and most stuff works out of the box such as Flash and ndis wrapper. Make yourself a nice youtube viewing machine. BBC iplayer works good too. Not for the uber Freedom lovers out there.

    Although just looked at the MINT site and the XFCE edition or FluxBox edition look very interesting.

    INSERT linux that came with ultimate boot CD was fast as hell and got me out of a few scrapes but mite try BartPE for this also. But they took it out!!!!! No idea why.
  6. FN-GM
    Linux mint looks alot like Suse to me.
  7. alonebfg
    I am just a player with linux Running a ubuntu squid dansguarding access point at home with a webserver for good mesure and at work have 2 one as nas box and other running internal web as well and ocsng and glpi
  8. InvisibleIntellectual
    I support many different versions of *nix - though have a current soft spot (Its quicksand) for CentOS
  9. Gatt
    Just started using Linux again (Fedora Core 8)
    Got it running on a server at home and at the school as Web Servers
  10. bizzel
    Got a couple of Debian machines here in the office - ubuntu at home.
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