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  1. Netman
    Any other golfers out there? Maybe we could get together for an Edugolf day in the summer? Or should that be a Geekgolf day?
  2. chrbb
    I'm a beginner, getting ready for retired life (also member of old farts) played yesterday on 9 hole course - got flukey hole in 2 on 164 yd hole! Can't get enough of it, another game this week during half term.
  3. Netman
    Awww welcome to golf chrbb... your life will never be your own again! Your every thought and deed will revolve on how to hit a small ball into a far away small hole.
    If you need any advice - just ask... I've been playing since '89 and I'm still rubbish!!
  4. StewartKnight
    Can we rename this group EduGolf then we're all know as EduGolfers....just a thought....

    I'll get my coat!
  5. Netman
    At LAST!!! Shot an 86 the other week at my new club - doesn't sound like much, but I've been struggling with my swing for months and only shooting mid-90's. Finally got a grip on the problems by going back to basics and re-reading Joe Dante's 'Four Magic Moves'. Excellent book - certainly the best golf instruction I've read... I can highly recommend it to all. Off out this afternoon again so will see if I can consolidate!
  6. chrbb
    Bought myself a season ticket for our local council 18 hole course, been playing quite a bit during my two weeks off school, totally addicted! Swearing at ball, clubs, husband, trolley now almost down to acceptable level!
  7. jimmckenna
    I and my 4 technicians are all golfers, so if it days out are being arranged we would be in, based in staffordshire.
  8. ASJ
    Handicap of 21 but don't get to play as much as I'de like. huh the story of every golfer :/
  9. marekbrad
    member of a 9 hole club in Bradford... happy to enquire about costs for a Geekgolf Day
  10. Printer45
    Used to paly off 11 and played a few open venues.

    keep your head down and keep a six off your card.

    happy days.
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