What's in your bag?

  1. Netman
    Let's have a what's in the bag thread shall we?!

    I'll start with this weeks clubs(!)

    Nike Sumo Sq2 5900
    Cheapo Acer XP 5 Wood (Secret weapon Fujikura shaft from a Sonartec though)
    Taylor Made rescue 4

    Titleist 755 irons

    Scotty Cameron Red X3 Putter

    Balls = Titleist/Nike

    Heard good things about the Wilson Staff CI7 irons so might have to give them a try soon...
  2. laptopsandspares
    Crikey, looks like Geeks and Golf don't mix ;o)

    I have a set of callaway Big Bertha's. Bought second hand but more than adequate for my dubious skills

    I have a Wilson 5 wood and a Dunlop "sports direct special" Driver with a dent in it. Mainly these stay in the boot of my car

    I putt with one of two depending on the day, I have a nice brass faced ping given to me by my BF that occasionally comes out but I struggle with pace with it as the temperature really seems to affect the speed at which the ball comes off the brass head. Normally I stick with my trusted Wilson. Nothing fancy but comes with a built in fire extinguisher as I naturally set the greens on fire

    I prefer a softer ball, Callaway reds which I find a lot of down my way when i'm looking for the most recent noodle I've just spanked into the trees, or a pinnacle 4 works for me if I'm buying.

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