What's Your Unit?

  1. crc-ict
    Just a quick intro thread to get things going.

    Pop a couple of lines down here about how you camp and what unit you have.

    We started tenting last spring, myself, my wife and our two kids (3 and 5) in a Royal Athens 4 4-berth tent.

    We enjoyed it, and it rekindled a lot of the love for caravanning I had from childhood, and my wife's memories of camping with Guides.

    Subsequently, we had to opportunity to acquire a caravan in August last year, so we now camp in a 1999 Elddis Crown Crest 4 berth, which I drag with a Mondeo 2.0TDCi. It's only a tiddly van really (13' or 4m body length and 1000kg max weight) but it's great for us and we really enjoyed getting out in it at the tail end of last season.
  2. ButterflyMoon
    I have a Subaru Sambar Dias. It is a tiny van BUT I have been all over the country in it. There is a rock and roll seat in the back which gives me a 3/4 size double bed. Underneath is loads of storage space. I also have a Harrison Awning (old but very hardy) plus electric hook up. My friends have a much bigger van with shower room etc so when we go off on our travels I avail myself of their facilities
  3. bladedanny
    We (Me and Mrs.) have a 4 birth Outwell Trout Lake 4. There's usually only two of us so plenty of room. It's a heavy tent so we're limited to staying places that have decent on site parking etc.
  4. edutech4schools
    I have got lots of tents including a very large Outwell but the best ones are the Quechua pop-up tents.

    quechua tent - Google Search

    Watch this video for one of the family size pop up tents. its the first video to the right of the tent. Its amazing that a tent with multiple rooms can go up in a couple of minutes.
    Seconds Family 4.2 XL - Instant tents - Quechua

    They are also brilliant at festivals, while everyone else is struggling to take their tents down we are gone.

    I also have 3 kids, aged 6, 4, and 6 Months.
  5. Oaktech
    I got a few tents...
    In size order:
    Terranova Jupiter Bivvi,
    MSR 1 person
    Vango TBS150 1.5 person tent
    Khyam Mckinley (the car camping tent for me and the missus)
    Khyam Ridgidome Espace (for when I *have* to take/accomodate other people.

    No kids yet, we have work to do to the house, and Her Ladyship has to have been in her job for 9 months to qualify for the very generous maternity benefits and then it's very much on the cards.
  6. rad
    I have a Vango Equinox 350 (mountain tent with porch)
    Vango Diablo 600 (a mansion for week long camping)
  7. jinnantonnixx
    Usual couple of tents...

    The one summer I went mad and bought this:

    But this kept happening...

    So I bought a little van and reversed it into an awning and had a sort-of camper....

    Then I bought a bell tent (I've since sold the van)

    I've had other things, but out of all the contraptions and things I've made kludged together, the thick cotton bell-tent is the best thing I've had. It goes up and takes down in about 10 minutes and doesn't make a flapping noise in the wind. Recommended.
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