CEOP Ambassadors and Trainers willing to help in other schools

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  1. elsiegee40
    A starter discussion for CEOP volunteers to say where they're located.

    If you would like one of us to help at your school, or want to get eSafety training going and don't know where/how to start, please PM us, start a discussion below or start a thread on the edugeek e-Safety forum.
  2. elsiegee40
    I'll start off.

    I'm a CEOP Ambassador based in West Kent and am willing to give advice, help out or cascade train ThinkUKnow trainers.
  3. AngryTechnician
    Slightly advance warning at this point, but as a CEOP Ambassador I plan to run a training event for nearby schools at my own school in Berkshire in the first half of the summer term 2011. If anyone would like further information when it is put together, please drop me a line.
  4. joe90bass
    I'm based in Bridgend S Wales, at present I can only deliver the program. I am, however, undergoing the Ambassador training in January and will be able to train up people to deliver the training after this.
    More than willing to offer advice, training, etc., to local schools or groups.
  5. Flange
    I'm a CEOP Ambassador and eSafety officer providing training for a London Borough.
  6. elsiegee40
    Nice to met you Flange! Welcome to edugeek
  7. balticstar
    Just to let you know that I am CEOP Ambassador trained. Done a number of training sessions already.

    Happy to help out. Windsor & Maidenhead area.
  8. Flange
    Has anybody signed up for a refresher recently? I've got one the middle of next year, just so I stay on message?
  9. SteveT
    Hiya ........... Trainer only at present but hope to do Ambassador training soon.
  10. joe90bass
    Update - I am now a CEOP Ambassador. I'm based in Bridgend, S Wales, more than willing to give advice or cascade training.
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