Why are Mac Lovers so biased ??

  1. bulletproofbaba
    Q. Why are Mac lovers so full of themselves ? they hate PC's completely, but PC users(or lovers) use Mac's as well and dont really say bad things about them, so why are Mac users so anti-PC ??
  2. dwhyte85
    Because it's like scientology, once you're in... you're in for life, the Mac Fanboi crew will hunt you down if you try to ever escape. They fill you with glorified propaganda on how they never get viruses, how they can edit videos but they never told you that you need to be happy playing no games, struggle with compatability in the real world and that and that despite the pretty exterior they're actually powered by the devils scrotum.

    Mac users think that they GUI is intuitive, i guess... if they started out solely on a Mac it makes sense but no human, monster or alien would consider a Mac easier to use if they'd equally used a PC.
  3. DrPerceptron
    Ask half of them why they've bought a mac and dual-boot it with some form of Windows (including the use of VMWare Fusion/Parallels).

    It presents a lot of interesting answers...
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