Apple Mac Appreciation Group

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  1. markcuk
    except the macbook air
  2. Domino
    for gods sake don't let Mattx see this group....
  3. GrumbleDook
    go on ... please invite him?
  4. Rozzer
    What does everyone think of the macbook air?
  5. GrumbleDook
    Not my cup of tea .. but an interesting move and shows they are still thinking differently.
  6. DMcCoy
    Differently, but wrong in this case
  7. Domino
    for people with more money than sense it'd be an awesome portable.....
  8. Rozzer
    I can't see the Macbook air making any appearance in schools. Its just to over priced and no real need.
  9. localzuk
    From an ultra portable point of view, it is a good design. From a price point of view, it is ridiculously overpriced. If it was closer to it's US price then fine, but it isn't, so it is not worth it.
  10. mark
    The look of the thing is amazing - screen size and weight just right. If they could just sort out the rest, then this would be a killer.
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