HICS: Denial Of Service Attacks On the HICS Network

  1. DaveP
    For information: This was posted by HICS yesterday:

    Twice this week there have been five-ten minutes spells where there has been no internet to schools connected to the LD5 data centre. The problems we are encountering this week are not connected to the firewall issues we have been experiencing of late. I am told that the issues are being caused by internet hacking attacks from South Korea and China. They are acting as Denial of Service attacks (DOS) and are taking place on an Xbox live port. The result is that the firewall grinds to a halt. We have asked Updata to stop accepting traffic from South Korea and China until we can get a proper analysis and defence plan worked out. This should stop the firewalls getting DOS and grinding to a halt for now.

    This is a security hacking attack which the HICS network protects schools from. I am told that Updata remain hopeful that the previous firewall failure issues are now fixed.
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