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The message to update to 9.7 has been on the front page of sophos.yhgfl.net for some time now.

Sophos will still give updates for version 9.5 until 2013. However as new versions come out, we want to stay current so we recommend that you should now be running 9.7.
Hi Marc,

This is not totally true, especially from my viewpoint. When 9.7 was pushed and you guys wiped the update sources and placed the 9.7 ide and xml files there, there was no info regarding using 9.7 recommended on the site. I emailed YHGFL regarding the cannot create stream error i was getting in sophos ec (means the file that ec was expecting could not be found) and i got the reply that my issue had been escalated to another engineer and didnt hear anything at all for 4 weeks. Thankfully i solved the problem before that. You'd think with anti virus being the main defence on any pc this would have been taken a bit more seriously.

Also by sophos meaning updates are going through to 2013, that doesnt mean YHGFL are giving updates though right?

Regarding an RSS feed or something, i dont use RSS feeds and would it be that hard to get some emails out when something of this importance happens? I got info about the sparklebox "incident" so why not a quick email to say fao techies, change to 9.7 recommended. I like everyone else only use sophos.yhgfl.net for new installs.