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Yorkshire & Humberside Grid for Learning (YHGfL) Thread, Today's meeting @ Woolley Hall... in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Just like to say a big thanks to y'all for today's meeting - found the details of the YHGfL infrastructure ...
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    Today's meeting @ Woolley Hall...

    Just like to say a big thanks to y'all for today's meeting - found the details of the YHGfL infrastructure v.interesting... also first time I've met the YHGfL team, and ditto for a lot of the EdIT team! Good to have faces to put to names etc.

    All in all extremely beneficial for me... if a tad odd also...

    Have brought this up with EdIT in the past (I think - hazy memory), but may as well say it here - I feel there should be some form of guidance easily downloadable via YHGfL.net for folks new to the consortium / their role - Dos / Donts, AUPs, overview of network etc etc as at the moment I find the website a touch unintuitive from an Administrator's point of view in terms of getting to info. An Introduction Pack to YHGfL, it's services, procedures etc... partnered with something similar at LEA level... but aimed clearly at the hands-on techies that are working in the schools. (For instance I had no idea we could get a raw feed if required, or that there were more castes than lib & secondary). A matter of asking the right question to get the right answer, but would be far easier if all this info was bundled into a single PDF or Wiki (obviously requiring auth to access, but then also necessitating an easy way to request that auth accompanied by proof of position etc?)

    I've kinda fallen into a role that had no succession planning in place, and have been stumbling in the dark for a while. Unfortunately I also have a tendency to speak far too openly and honestly about things and often find my foot well-stuck in it, so my apologies if I ruffled anyone's feathers with some of my statements... *blush*

    Will be registering interest via EdIT for piloting the new Smoothie filtering first thing tomorrow, as am v.familiar with it's capabilities, and tbh I'm missing it since we had to turn our own boxes off... and definitely happy to persue the whole personal-devices issues with EdIT & yourselves for finding an acceptable solution in line with the Code of Connection etc.

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    I have passed this onto the relevant people here Marci

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    Thanks for this. It's always really useful to get feedback.

    A lot of the things that you're after we are working on at the moment, bringing them up to date for the new grid, AUPs etc. While that update is taking place, there is some stuff that you will be able to find at WebHome < Main < TWiki in the YHPublic area. Even though some of it is out of date, I'm sure you will find something useful. There is even an area that you can only access with a username and password called YHSpecialist. I can't remember what is in there, but I will check and if I think it would be of use to you, I'll set you up with credentials.

    The Support area of the website is being developed as we speak, so hopefully soon we should have more of what you want.

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