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Yorkshire & Humberside Grid for Learning (YHGfL) Thread, More internet Down Time in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); Is it just here, or has the internet been poop since we came back? Its been hit and miss all ...
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    More internet Down Time

    Is it just here, or has the internet been poop since we came back?

    Its been hit and miss all week so far and the internet has just gone down again on the secondary proxy. Using another one to still get online but its starting to get a regular thing.

    Shouldnt really get to me, but it winds me up when people say the "networks crap" when its got bugger all to do with me!

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    Not sure if you're on the same broadband as us but NYorks has had appalling connectivity today.. No change there...

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    My part of West Yorkshire has been down this afternoon since lunch time. Been flaky all week. Something about a box in Wakefield.

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    Got an email today from the LA.

    Mondays problem was one of YHGfLs servers had been hacked and used to perform DOS attacks, resulting all the bandwidth being eaten up.

    Not sure what caused todays outage

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