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Yorkshire & Humberside Grid for Learning (YHGfL) Thread, Problems emailing schools using RM Easymail in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); We've been having repeated problems emailing any school that uses RM Easymail, because YHGfL keeps getting added to SPAM blacklists. ...
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    Angry Problems emailing schools using RM Easymail

    We've been having repeated problems emailing any school that uses RM Easymail, because YHGfL keeps getting added to SPAM blacklists.
    Apparently one (or more) school(s) on the grid have some form of infection which is getting detected and thus causing the YHGfL mail IPs to get blacklisted.
    This has been ongoing for MONTHS. I'm being told that RM won't play ball and help either.
    I keep getting an earbashing from my SLT because they can't email the pyramid primaries, etc...
    Anyone else in the same boat??

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    Hi kearton,

    This will be affecting any schools who use RM easymail, which seems to be mostly schools in the Wakefield Local Authority area.

    What you are saying is true. There is an issue with one of our IP addresses which has been flagged up for a virus on the network within a school. This is however affecting our entire network range, rather than just the IP address which has the infection.

    Unfortunately, due to the current set up, every time someone, somewhere gets an infection, it automatically blocks our entire network range from emailing any schools which use RM easymail.

    If it was limited to the address which has the infection, email would work as email and web traffic now go out on different IP ranges and it would allow us to investigate the virus while still maintaining email delivery. This is what we are working with RM to achieve.

    Kind regards


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