Poll Results

View Poll Results: What is your opinion on the 'Wireless in schools' question?

  • Scare mongering by journalists ... just ignore it.

    36 36.00%
    1. dbrown,
    2. RabbieBurns
  • Wi-Fi is ok, there is nothing to say it is wrong so we will continue to use it.

    21 21.00%
  • We will continue with Wi-Fi at our school but keep an eye out to see which way the wind is blowing.

    30 30.00%
  • We are concerned but until parents kick up a fuss we will do nothing.

    2 2.00%
    1. farmerste
  • We have started plans to get rid of it but will keep it on until we flood-fill the classrooms.

    0 0%
  • We have had to turn it off and will not turn it on again.

    1 1.00%
  • We got rid of it a while ago because we knew it would be a problem.

    2 2.00%
  • WeeFee? Isn't that something to do with a new games console?

    2 2.00%
  • Other

    6 6.00%