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Wireless Networks Thread, 169 broadcasting in Technical; that confirms its definatly hp. Originally Posted by GrumbleDook Have you tried MACVendorLookup.com - Mac Address OUI Vendor/Manufacturer Lookup to ...
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    that confirms its definatly hp.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post

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    You need you perform a switch map discovery, this is done at Layer2 by analysing the ARP tables on each switch.

    You can use tools like Solarwinds, LanSurveyor etc Google switch port mapping and several crawl out of the woodwork.
    You may also need to configure SNMP correctly in order to get it to work properly.

    Most managable switches have tools for ARP tables you can normally work out from these manually what is on the end of each port.

    With the correct tools this type of error is traced and rectified in a couple of minutes.
    Unfortunately the best tools cost the most.

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    Don't bother paying for any kind of switch port mapping software. You can easily find out the IP and MAC associated with any switchport with builtin tools. Your router/gateway/L3switch will show you the MAC address from it's ARP table, and your switches will show you which port that MAC belongs to. On Cisco gear it's this easy:

    show arp (on the router)

    show mac-address-table (on the switch)

    In this case doing that may be a waste of time anyway, since you may be dealing with a virtual machine or a wireless device. Your trace will point to a trunk connecting a VM host or a wireless access point.

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