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Wireless Networks Thread, MSM760 Guest Access in Technical; Hello Anyone managed to get this working through a proxy server hosted at LA Part1 Wireless laptop connects to correct ...
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    Angry MSM760 Guest Access

    Anyone managed to get this working through a proxy server hosted at LA

    Wireless laptop connects to correct vsc and gets a wpad file from dhcp and then can surf the internet. Access to VSC is controlled by password. This all works.
    Part 2

    Turn the guest access on the controller, this then brings up the inbuilt controller login page. Enter username and password (authenticated by AD). This works and brings up another default page and a session window.
    But now cannot browse the internet. If I then go into internet options and set the proxy the session windows closes and I can surf the net.
    The guest access need to be seamless so cannot have guests enter proxy settings.
    Anyone got a work around, my forehead has got an imprint of a brick wall now!!

    And yes fro our new build it will be Maru


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    If your internet access requires you to use an upstream proxy at the LEA without implementing a transparent proxy locally then your clients will need to enter a proxy server into their browser, it's not the fault of the HP controller and would be the same with Meru or Ruckus or anyone else.


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    I had a cunning plan for a primary, to stick DD-WRT on something cheap to provide local transparent proxy, and just point it upstream -
    No promises, but for less than £20 it's worth a crack.

    Found an ASUS RT-N10 from Argos Outlet on Ebay, but when it arrived a couple of days ago ---- they'd sent me a set of BBQ implements.
    And in this weather, I can't even use them .

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