I wanted to share with you all some exciting news regarding an ongoing project Meru Networks are involved in. Thanks to the recent successful bid of Northgate Managed Services, who have won the contract to provide the new “Education Network Northern Ireland”, Northgate Press release here : Northgate Managed Services secures £170m contract to provide Education Cloud for Northern Ireland , each school in Northern Ireland will shortly be benefiting from a Meru Network. Amongst other centralised services the schools will be able to take advantage of, the wireless infrastructure will be playing a key part in the delivery of these services. Meru press release here | Meru Networks

Having just spent the week in Northern Ireland, on a well organised and attended road show to various towns / cities across the country, it was refreshing to speak to many schools about how excited they were about the ICT, and the part it will play in the teaching and learning within the schools.

As part of the project, each school will receive an allocation of access points, centrally managed by Meru’s software in a datacentre (cloud if you like ), with access points simply being hung in the schools, with traffic bridged locally. No need for any physical controller on each site. The entire network will be managed and monitored by our EZRF Network Management solution, Service Assurance Manager and Spectrum Manager solutions. Guest Management and Smart Connect (secure BYOD) will also be available to schools.

Should schools require more Aps for either coverage or performance, access points simply need to be hung in the schools where necessary, with none of the usual channel planning and interference complications.

Should anyone require further information please feel free to contact me directly, or I would be very happy to put you in touch with the relevant individuals at Northgate.

Mark Howell, Area Director, Meru Networks