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Wireless Networks Thread, Meru Networks, FREE BYOD / Guest Management Trial in Technical; Hi all Many of you will be aware that last year Meru Networks acquired a Manchester based company called Identity ...
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    Meru Networks, FREE BYOD / Guest Management Trial

    Hi all

    Many of you will be aware that last year Meru Networks acquired a Manchester based company called Identity Networks late last year, to provide us with improved web based Guest Management and Secure BYOD functionality with the "SMART CONNECT" product. The technology will work on any brand of wired or wireless infrastructure.

    For more details on the products please view the following web page | Meru Networks To run Guest Management/Smart Connect either a Services Appliance is used, or the software can be run on VMware.

    In the past, our guest access solution was a little clunky to say the least, where the generation of access codes required an individual to access the controller software to do so. Not something you would probably any non-IT staff to do I am sure!

    With the new Guest Management software, IT staff can easily delegate to other "sponsors" access rights to the software to be able to create guest accounts, you can even customize the landing page users would view depending on which department a guest user was accessing the system from. For more details | Meru Networks

    Smart connect allows IT staff to encourage BYOD safe in the knowledge that the student's device is securely connected. Students would initially connect to an open network and be directed to a webpage where they would authenticate against whatever policy (usually AD) IT staff would wish, download a small application which would reconfigure the device settings to a WPA2 / 802.1x profile relatively automatically with the minimum of input from the user and practically none from the IT staff.

    How each type of device is reconfigured for 802.1x / WPA2 can be viewed on the videos on identitynetworks - YouTube .

    Meru Networks has now made the software available to any customer (Meru or otherwise) as a free trial. You must be running a VMWARE environment to be able to take advantage of this trial.

    To download the trial software please go to Meru Free Trial: Secure Enterprise Network Access in BYOD Environments and register. Once registered, the website will take you to a landing page where you can download the VMWare image and the install guide.

    Please don't hesitate to email me, Mark Howell, mhowell@merunetworks.com or Bryn Cowling, bcowling@merunetworks.com if you need to.

    We hope you enjoy the trial.

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    I like the video: "WHY can't my Wireless LAN just work? Simplify BYOD Now!" :-)

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    Does this software act as a radius server as well?

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    Hi techie08.

    Yes, the Meru IDM solution is able to function as a radius server, both for captive portal and 802.1x authentication and accounting. It is able to authenticate against an internal database or alternatively via external directories such as AD/LDAP.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!


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