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Wireless Networks Thread, EMBC Users, Proxy question in Technical; For all those people who are using EMBC as there broadband supplier, do any of you report sites to be ...
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    EMBC Users, Proxy question

    For all those people who are using EMBC as there broadband supplier, do any of you report sites to be blocked either via phone or e-mail? I

    I'm asking because recently we've had a lot of kids discovering new proxy sites and I appear to be e-mailing them daily with 2 or 3 sites to be blocked. The good thing is these are usally blocked within 10mins to an hr!


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    Re: EMBC Users, Proxy question

    We where given login details for http://nsd.embc.org.uk/ which controls, our school filtering. We can set up different filtering for different times of day and set website to be unblocked or blocked. Its a 60second job to block a website and blocking goes active pretty much right away.

    On rare times when I do run into websites that need to be blocked or unblocked and the above doesn’t work I use email as its easier then trying to spell out a long web address via the phone. Mostly its emails I run into problems with as they dont give us the same control over email filtering as they do websites. Last time I looked over 70 to 80% of emails that came into the school where blocked.

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