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Wireless Networks Thread, Wireless Bridge Vs 10M Fibre in Technical; Hi all, At my school we have two buildings about 5 metres apart that have a 10M fibre connection between ...
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    Wireless Bridge Vs 10M Fibre

    Hi all,
    At my school we have two buildings about 5 metres apart that have a 10M fibre connection between them (Slooooooow) and I've just scavenged a couple of 54M access points from a nearby school. If I set the 2 access points up as a wireless bridge between the 2 buildings will I see significant speed increases? Currently we only have a couple of teachers working in the secondary building and the 10M is fine, but I've started to use Windows Server Backup to backup or SIMS server to VHD's held in the second building and a 22GB backup is taking nearly 9 hours

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    I'd suggest trying the 54mbps points, i've got one running at home and it took 20 ish hours to do a 109gb backup... We have a ligowave site to site link here which is 150mbps duplex, but designed to go kilometres, not metres (you can't turn it down far enough to be out of danger of cooking the units unless they are more than about 10m apart) so this might be overkill for what you need.

    It may be cheaper/quicker to get the 10mb fibre ripped out and a gig one installed!

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    Upgrade your fibre connection!

    At that distance you should have no problem in switching from 10mb to 100 or even Gigabit.

    Cheap media converters such as the Level One units to bridge some of the legacy switch/termination issues.

    180Mbps Wifi at 5Ghz will also work but the fibre has to be the better option.

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    I agree upgrading the link to gigabit (using the existing cable) should be possible. What type of cable is it exactly? And when was it installed?

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