Hi all,

Having some problems since I started working at the school with our wireless system. Had a bunch of numpties fit the system a few years back apparently. We have a master and a slave in different parts of the school both netgear WFS709TP. The wireless AP's are WAGL102's. Now we have managed to get by but now i feel it is time to sort this issue as its driving us and some teachers mad. We randomly have AP's that seem to lose network connection, we also have problems that when people move around with a laptop and rejoins the wireless elsewhere not been able to connect back into any of the network drives etc.. Im no expert with managed wireless systems (hense me studying CCNA now to help).

I think that between the master the slave and the AP's security settings might differ slightly but surely they wouldn't actually connect to the wireless if that was the case?. They all have the same SSID.

If anyone knows about this sort of managed system could you offer any sort of assistant?

thanks in advance,