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Wireless Networks Thread, Bad ping replies from switches / Network issues in Technical; Need some help! We are getting poor ping replies from switches in a new building cabinet, which im guessing is ...
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    Bad ping replies from switches / Network issues

    Need some help!

    We are getting poor ping replies from switches in a new building cabinet, which im guessing is related to some issue we are having with slow network & timeouts from a couple of computers in that building, i've plugged laptops into the port the computers use and get the same results so am confident it's not the computers.

    In the cab is a top, middle and bottom switch as follows

    Top switch - Netgear GS748Tv3 : Connected via fibre to core switch : 25 connected devices
    Middle Switch - Netgear FS752TS (Standalone/Not Stacked) : Connected via fibre core switch : 28 connected devices
    Bottom switch - Netgear FS752TS (Standalone/Not stacked) : Connected to middle switch via RJ45 gig ports : 15 connected devices

    All the switches have been reset back to factory default, given a static IP and latest firmware upgraded, here is an example of the ping replies i'm getting from the top, middle and bottom switches

    Attachment 12666

    i've tried wireshark and seen nothing that is sending broadcast packets to other than DHCP requests, but to be honest dont know what else I should be looking for on wireshark, does anyone have any suggestions please?

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    dodgy cabling ? also what is in between are you going through a gateway then to the switches ?

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    you got a loop on the network?

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    Yeah firstly I would check for a network loop (turn on spanning tree).

    Also if it is a new building is it connected Via Fibre? Log on the switch and see if there is lots of errors on the uplink port.

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