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Wireless Networks Thread, Network switch problems in Technical; Hi. We have 2 network switches (netgear gs748ts), and appear to be having problems... They are stacked, and connected by ...
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    Network switch problems


    We have 2 network switches (netgear gs748ts), and appear to be having problems...

    They are stacked, and connected by the hdmi at the rear.

    Seem to be having problems in that some of the ports of not being able to connect, even though they are connected fine...

    If I look at the switch, or go through the webif, I can see that (for example), port 1,13 (switch 1 port 13) is connected fine. However, port 13 is not able to connect over the network.

    Then, port 1,7, for example, is connected fine, and connects over the network just fine. Port 1,20 next, can connect over the network, but is unable to connect to the router?! It's all really weird. It was working perfectly fine until this morning...

    If I move, e.g. port 1,13 to port 2,30 (i.e. switch 1, port 13 to switch 2 port 30), then it can connect fine across the whole network...

    Any ideas of what this could be?! My suspician could be congestion voer the network, but not 100% sure how to check on that (oops ).

    Any further info from you great guys would help out loads


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    You tried a reboot of both switches? Could be a power spike has upset them a bit?

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