I have been a long time reader and gained a lot from the forum, but this is my first post and its a big one!! Sorry

We have purchased a D-link Unified Access system that consists of a DWS-4026 Managed Switch and some DWL-8600 Access points. We are going to be using this to allow Staff, Pupils and Guest internet access through our Lightspeed Systems Firewall. We don't need users to be able to access any shares or resources on our network. But we do want them to go through the Lightspeed filtering system.

I have taken a look at the system and it seems that my knowledge lacks in the area for setting this up. Now I am assuming that we need to set the system up on a vlan? but then this is where it goes wrong! How do I then enable the connections to go through Lightspeed, do I need to put in a TMG/ISA server between the two networks or is there a much simpler way. How would you suggest we assign a IP address to devices (by the D-link system or a windows DHCP server?)

Has anyone had any experience with D-link managed WIFI networks?

Tanks in advance.