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Wireless Networks Thread, Wireless network recommendation in Technical; Meru +10000...
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    Meru +10000

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    Can Ruckus ZoneDirector 1100 (or any controller for that matter) prioritize user/SSID traffic per client down to each application session running on the client machine? Let’s say a user is on a video conference call and at the same time transferring a huge file to the file server, will I be able to give the video conference traffic a higher priority so his call won't drop?

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    I dont think Ruckus can offer than kind of QoS, i know download and upload data rates can be set per client per SSID. You can allow/ deny traffic per SSID down to application layer and you can set basic high of low traffic priority on each SSID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigg View Post
    Meru +10000
    is that + £10000 over what ever figure you first thought of?

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    What do you want to pay?

    Let´s look at the HP (ex colubris) series:
    - 1x HP 5406-44G-PoE+-4G v2 zl plus 1x HP MSM765 zl Mobility Controller (incl. 40 licenses): ~6000,-€ plus VAT.
    - 1x HP MSM460 Dual Radio 802.11n AP (HP MSM430 Dual Radio 802.11n AP (dual radio, 3x3:3 MIMO, 802.11a/b/g/n): ~440,-€ plus VAT.
    - 1x HP MSM430 Dual Radio 802.11n AP (dual radio, 2x2:2 MIMO, 802.11a/b/g/n): ~300,-€ plus VAT.
    - 1x HP 5 years software carepack (UQ611E): ~2900,-€ plus VAT.
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