Hi, we currently use Ranger for both web useage logs and screen captures to see what students are up to there and then. We distribute a few packages using it - but nothing we can't alter. It's used to switch all clients off at night - again i'm sure this is easy enough without the need of ranger.
We don't use ranger for any of the user/security stuff - all managed by GPOs

So basically, web use logs and remote screen capture to see what a client pc is being used for there and then. Be nice to remotely shutdown PC's quick and easy - again i'm guessing there are plenty of ways of doing that though for free.

Would also be pretty damn groovy if it captured web and useage logs on laptops when used outside of school. We are about to trial 30ish netbooks with students and some may take them home - be good to get an idea of their use on their return without needing to log into each and every one of them.

Our renewal for Ranger is about due - what are simillar priced (or cheaper/free) alternatives?

We have just over 100 to 115 PCs (should count them really!) and approx the same number of netbooks/laptops.
Servers are all 2008 - no other network software other than spiceworks - which thinking about it will tell me exactly how many machines we have!

We have a max budget of 450.