Hi All

Looking for advice on updating my aging backup system. My Current system is as follows.

Backup Software: Backup Exec 9.1
Backup Device: HP Ultrium 3 LTO using 400/800GB Tapes
Current Backup Amount: 300GB
Servers Backed up. File & Print (Windows Server 2003) + MS SQL 2000 using 1 Advanced Open File Agent and 1 MS SQL Agent :: Application Server (Windows Server 2000) using 1 Advanced Open File Agent :: Lotus Domino Server (Windows Server 2000) using basic Backup Exec Agent.
Backup Setup: Full Backups everynight

Current Problems: Taking over 12 hours to back up data, backups now run into next working day. No real time backups for laptop users who keep most data on there laptops. Can only restore data that is a day old meaning users may have to redo a days work if problems arise. Takes to long to Restore data to servers in case of a DR situation.

What I am looking for.

Update Backup Software ( I do like Backup Exec but I am willing to Change).
I still require a full backup of my information onto tape at the end of each night so this can be taken off premisis. Although I do need to reduce the time this takes. Possibly splitting the backups.
I still require to be able to Backup MS SQL ( Upgrading to 2008), All servers will also be shortly upgraded to 2008 R2 and my Lotus Domino Server.
Real time backup of Laptops, such as Backup Exec 10 DLO backup solution.
Real time backup onto 2 storage servers so that I can restore current information, possibly with file versioning so a user can get a file restored if they overwrite it by accident or restore a file up to say 15 minutes old and not just previous nights. One Storage server onsite and one offsite for Disaster recover situations.
Bare Metal Backups of Servers for use when doing patch updates and server firmware updates. So servers can be restored quickly if an upgrade fails.

Also at the moment for my disaster recovery I basically have spare servers that I build from scratch then restore the data onto to get the server back up and running, this process can take 5+ hours depending on the amount of data above. I am hoping using the Bare Metal Backups image of servers and restoring from a storage server that it will cut down the time it takes to restore a server. Server clustering is a possibility but I dont like the fact I have to have a complete duplicateb set of licenses just for the backup cluster servers.

I know the above is a big task but I am looking for help, as the last time I looked into backup solutions was around 7 years ago so I am a little lost and looking for help on an updated solution.

Cheers Dougie