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Wireless Networks Thread, Disaster planning: how much to repair a cut fibre? in Technical; ...
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    One of my local schools use Virgin for comms and they need to move the fibre due to some building works. They tried and tried to get an answer as to how much it would cost to move it, and eventually got a rough estimate of 'about £2000'
    So they asked how much to repair it if it was broken and were told £500.
    The network manager is moving it himself and will pay the £500 if it gets broken!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTechnician View Post
    Well, they started work on Friday and when the Bursar and I went down for a look this morning, they have indeed managed to smash through the ducting, but luckily for them, the fibre isn't damaged.


    I'll post a photo on my blog later when I've calmed down.
    Fibre is like catnip for contractors. They just can't keep away from it.

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    Here's what it looks like:

    I've explained to them they need to clear the debris as well as repairing the duct, and have emailed the projector manager to make sure they get tasked formally. The best bit, however, was when they showed me the plans for the whole project and it clearly indicated that a large portion of the duct is not where I had been told it was, and so about 50m of the fibre run will need rerouting as the new building is going pretty much on top of it.

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    Eeekk! This brings back painful memories of our three year long 'building project'. Soo many times did we get fibre/ISDN lines cut it was unreal! There was even a time that between an ISDN being cut and BT getting to site (about three hours) they had cut the other end and thrown it all away to hide the evidence!!

    And as we are mentioning cable companies in this thread, Marshland Telecom (MTL) were fantastic throughout, although I'm not sure they want to see another bit of cable in our building for a long time to come!

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