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Wireless Networks Thread, VPN routing stuff in Technical; Hi the school I work at is not part of the Local authority broadband. Our site manager whats to be ...
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    VPN routing stuff

    Hi the school I work at is not part of the Local authority broadband. Our site manager whats to be able to get at the documents on the LA intranet. To which we've got a VPN link. But to use it it means firing up the Cisco VPN client and changing the proxy. Is there a cleaver way of routing/ linking into the VPN. I what the site manager or any staff to be able to put in the address and get the intranet.


    We have Netscreen 25 firewall.

    I suppose that what I what to do is route between to different networks.

    Or can I do it in the Cisco Client?

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    Re: VPN routing stuff

    It sounds like what you want is a site-to-site VPN connection. I am almost certain that your netscreen will cope with this just fine. You may be able to use the same credentials as you use in the cisco VPN client, but I doubt it - you will probably need to get the LA to set up a second VPN tunnel at their end.

    To get around the proxy problem, I suggest you just put an entry in the "do not proxy for" box for the DM stuff. Having said that, if you are using a web proxy separate from the netscreen, it will probably work ok anyway.



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