This is my first post here and thought I would see if anyone can help here.

I just bought the IP Power 9258 server to automatically reboot an IP camera, router and cable modem in another state in case I have issues. I was wondering if anyone in the forum has tried using this IP Power 9258 server. Support never gets back.

I tested the IP server unit in my LAN) local area network and have no issues accessing the unit via a browser and rebooting equipment.

However, I canít seem to get the server setting to work with my wireless router so I can reboot remote equipment within the WAN and do the rebooting from anywhere. I am wondering if I have to do port forwarding etc.

Iím using the Linksys WRT54G wireless router. The manual is so confusing with inputting setting for a WAN setup. The manual could be found if you input IP Power 9258.

I thought maybe some here had the same problem Iím having. Itís probably something simple like the wrong DNS or IP address.

I had to get help to setup my Panasonic IP camera because it also has a built in server.

Many thanks!