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Wireless Networks Thread, Internet Speed & Printer! in Technical; How about this... Last month I ditched our trusty 10Mb BT Leased Line and exchanged it for a two site ...
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    Internet Speed & Printer!

    How about this...

    Last month I ditched our trusty 10Mb BT Leased Line and exchanged it for a two site Opal 10/100 MPLS Circuit with a 10Mb Internet breakout

    Internet performance was not discernably different with both connections delivering near 10Mb synchronously

    Anyway, last Monday the BT Line was terminated and the old Sonicwall 3500 taken off line.
    During last week I had a few comments from staff about the internet being slow.. How many times do you hear that in a week eh

    Anyway today I checked it out, it was pants.. 2Mb, 4Mb, 3Mb it was crippled...

    I've been busy, new IP phone system to install, poe, patch leads, fiber and all that stuff so I hadn't realised just how bad it was.

    Anyway wacked the old scope in the core switch this morning... Bingo! an HP 2015DN printer came up straight away it hadn't changed its default gateway... it was still pointing to the dead IP address of the old Sonicwall.

    Quick reboot of the printer set the gateway to the correct IP and Wham!
    Internet back to 10Mb everybody happy

    A whole week of moaning staff fixed in 60 seconds now who would have thought something so minor could have such a huge impact on your networks performance!

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    I had an old plotter that was causing trouble tracked it down when someone had made all the breakers pop in that room.

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