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Wireless Networks Thread, Virtualising CC4 DC's in Technical; I would be interested to know if anyone has been successful in virtualising their RM CC4 DC's. We are considering ...
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    Virtualising CC4 DC's

    I would be interested to know if anyone has been successful in virtualising their RM CC4 DC's. We are considering virtualising our servers on our own VMWare infrastructure (not installed by RM).

    Has anyone been through this process? Does it work? Are there any pitfalls? Do RM need to be involved or can we manage this in-house?

    Many thanks,


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    It is of course possible. If RM will support you after doing it though is something else.

    I've been successful testing it using a P2V conversion, as well as a straight server backup and restoration onto VM. P2V was done on an ESXi testbed and restoration was to VMWare Workstation.

    Only real pitfalls are the possible lack of support from RM. Far more pro's than cons, assuming you have the hardware to run it - consolidation, power saving, noise, "being green", another layer of security.

    Speak to your RM account manager beforehand - they might already have a procedure in place and will tell you if they'll support you or not.

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    Yes you can get a 3rd party to do it, we have and rm will continue to support the software just don't expect them to deal with any virtual inferstructure related problems or disaster recovery of the severs themselves. Vmware cold clone cd was the method used here I believe rm cold clone using a 3rd party piece of software similar to what they use when they undertake server hardware migrations.

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