Hope you're all well. been ages since i've been on here, so apologies. Things have been running smoothly until now!!

In two IT suites next to each other, some users start to use Dreamweaver, then the LAN starts to stall in those rooms, file accesses are slow and it stutters. they come off dreamweaver and it goes.

I've done a network packet trace and can't find anything of any interest..though I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for. There are lots of ARP requests, but it doesn't look out of the ordinary and a fair few SMB packets, but that was me, testing out the access performance of the shares.

can't find any traffic related specifically to dreamweaver or to specific machines with excessive packets, so a bit baffled.
the only thing I am yet to prove is my introduction of a virtual web server running MVA on VMware,used to host sites that the pupils create in dreamweaver. Dreamweaver connects to this machne to transfer files. but this was setup months ago and it's been fine in the early stages. doesn't seem to be much traffic in the capture, going to and from this machine.

any ideas about how I can troubleshoot this?