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Wireless Networks Thread, Help needed with NAS in Technical; Hello, Currently I have 2 NAS systems. 1 NAS in Town and 1 NAS in a Country area of Hawaii. ...
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    Help needed with NAS


    Currently I have 2 NAS systems. 1 NAS in Town and 1 NAS in a Country area of Hawaii.

    These Nas use a File Replication Service to cause each NAS to Mirror each other. We have been using this for about 4 years without issue. Recently out Network guy quit and this problem happened a few months later. We are at a lost as to why it happened. For now we all write to the Town Nas till we can get the Country NAS up and running.

    This is fine for the town users who write to there NAS how ever the country users complain about the time to write to it.

    The issue is the user is not able authenticate off the country NAS. We unsure why. How ever the user can authenticate off the Town on just fine.

    How should we go about solving this? We have backs ups up to date and wanted a opinion on what steps we should take and what could be the problem.

    My co workers are speculating if its something to do with a distributed File System, the file replication services or the IPsec communication

    If anyone has any idea on what we should take a look at please let me know.

    Our Country NAS allows us to write and create a file. The only way we can log in though is to constantly ping it for a reply. It makes no sense to us.

    We have 2 Dell Tower Vaults for our NAS.

    If this helps.

    Thank You!

    p.s i AM WILLING TO PAY ANYONE IF THERE ANSWER LEADS TO THE SOLUTION. We can discuss that if you have a solid answer to the problem.

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    The support and advice here is provided free of charge. So unless someone comes out to you and really goes the extra mile payment is not necessary. Most people will accept cookies any way

    Not sure about your problem but if you have to repeatedly ping to get it to come alive and respond. It sounds like it could be a network problem. Is this hosted somewhere so you don't have physical access?

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    Quote Originally Posted by homesick1337 View Post
    The issue is the user is not able authenticate off the country NAS.
    From your description above, it sounds like you have two Windows-based NAS devices using Windows' DFS to replicate files between them. Both NAS devices are (meant to be, anyway) simultaniously writeable - your users can use whichever device is closest to them to write to.

    Do have have a Windows domain - do you have a Windows Server machine somewhere acting as a domain controller (DC)? Is that what the NAS devices are meant to be authenticating against, or do they use their own internal username/password database? If you have a DC, can the country NAS still see a domain controller, or has your firewall configuration maybe changed to stop the country NAS authenticating against a DC in your town location? Do you maybe have a secondary DC at the country site that's meant to be replicating the town's DC - is there a replication issue there?

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