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Wireless Networks Thread, Bizzare ?Dns problem in Technical; Well that's a first - I wonder if anyone can give me a nudge as to what's going on here: ...
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    Bizzare ?Dns problem

    Well that's a first - I wonder if anyone can give me a nudge as to what's going on here:

    ONE of our 250 odd workstations (and it would have to be one that can't easilly just be reimaged wouldn't it?) cannot resolve (just) wwwcache.cleo.net.uk (the RBC web proxy), mail.cartmelpriory.cumbria.sch.uk or mail.cleo.net.uk; it can ping them given the IP address, but can't resolve them.

    I've tried ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /release followed by ipconfig /renew as well as a good old fashioned reboot. Networking is otherwise fine and adding the above locations to the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file has fixed the problem for now, but what's causing it is still a mystery. The DNS settings are correct and DNS must be working and forwarding ok as the rest of the school is fine...

    Maybe it's something to do with solar flares...

    Edit: it's not a corrupt roaming profile either as it happens to both me (I've deliberately broken my profile so I get a temp one each time) and the usual user of the machine
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    Are your IPs allocated through DHCP, including DNS reslover addresses? Is this one machine not getting it's IP via DHCP?

    Time to check Network Properties, I think!!


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