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Wireless Networks Thread, technology learning in Technical; Hiya Guys, I havnt been on here for ages but, iv just started on here again. I have just started ...
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    technology learning

    Hiya Guys,

    I havnt been on here for ages but, iv just started on here again. I have just started a new job in a large secondary school, which has a large network with over 850 client machines. I have come from a VERY small school with a small network of 3 servers, 1 DC to 2 member servers, internet filtering provided by Endian firewall which I managed. I worked there for 9 years so at present I feel a bit out of my depth, I want to learn more on the technologies to school uses, I am quite confident using servers and server OS, but obviously as the school uses RM solutions things are going to be a little different.

    I would like to learn more of the kind of technologies the school are looking at using like smoothwall, ISA servers, WAN Technologies, SAN Technologies. Has anyone got any advices links to resources or books I can read up on. Training really isnt an option due to costs but any links to things I can read would greatly be appreciated.


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    I prefer CBT Nuggets CBT Nuggets Home

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    CBT is good but expensive, most information now can be found on the internet.

    Let me google that for you

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