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Wireless Networks Thread, Help or Recommendations for Network Infrastructure in Technical; Hello I am looking to put together a 3 year network upgrade plan to put to the powers that be. ...
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    Help or Recommendations for Network Infrastructure


    I am looking to put together a 3 year network upgrade plan to put to the powers that be.
    Ive attached two files, one showing current layout and the one i want to put to them.
    I believe the current fibre cables are OM1. They were all installed before i got here and no documentation on the installs. However checking out the cable it looks like OM1 on what i can make out.
    Looking for advice and an extra pair of eyes to look at it basically.
    The school layout is split over 3 old seperate buildings, and multiple portacabins and different levels.
    Alot of fibre has been run but the core switch is an old Hp4104 with 10\100 ports, which is a bottle neck.
    Im not necessary wanting to recommend renewing fibre runs where there are existing ones, especially between the buildings. The buildings are seperated by a road and private land on each side. Also the runs between cabinets in the buildings are fairly long and complicated, so it would really add to the cost to renew the cabling with OM3. So im going to have to stick to the existing OM1 cabling. Is this wrong though?
    Im looking to recommend replacing all the switches over the 3 years and replace the two copper runs with new fibre. The server room is far away from the core switch and is on copper back to the nearest switch but i want to install a new cabinet and switch and run fibre from the core switch to it, a good 75\100m run. Also i want to do a similar thing with the office switch. This is connected over copper all the way from ground floor to top floor and is in a cupboard! Replace with cabinet and new switch and fibre run.
    Ive proposed replacing the switches with HP ones as the core switch and edge switches have been here for donkeys days and have worked well, so thought it best to stick with whats worked for you.
    But is there anything else i should do?
    What about stack management? Is it useful? should i look to stack the new switches, does it improve performance?
    Any help greatfully received.
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    I'd be tempted to cable servers direct into the core, then they get a gig each, rather than a share of a gig through a switch.

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