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Wireless Networks Thread, Ghost Error Message in Technical; Removed....
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    Ghost Error Message


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    Re: Ghost Error Message

    It means your database broke. Reinstall the console.

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    Re: Ghost Error Message

    Yep database problem.

    You could try this. Taken from symantec support for a near identical error message.

    Cause of the problem
    All computers that have the Ghost client software installed need to be fully added to the database. The process of "discovering" a machine has two phases, the first phase is performed by the Configuration Server and results in adding a record to the machine table in the database. The second phase is where a record gets added to the MachineView table by the Ghost Console. The problem occurs when the Configuration Server does not properly detect that a machine has a record in the machine table with regard to the machines that have not been processed by the Ghost Console. 
    How to resolve the problem
    To resolve the problem, run the Ghost Console without the Configuration Server service running so Ghost can process all the machine records that are in the machine table but not yet in the MachineView table. To prevent this from happening, run the Ghost Console after installing the Ghost client software on new machines. 
    Steps to resolve the problem 
    Stop the Ghost Console. 
    Stop the Configuration Server service (through the Windows Services manager). 
    Start the Ghost Console.
    Hope it is some help.

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