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Wireless Networks Thread, PAC files and HTTPS? in Technical; For a few days now we have been trying and trying to get this working seemlessly, we're using a PAC ...
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    PAC files and HTTPS?

    For a few days now we have been trying and trying to get this working seemlessly, we're using a PAC file obviously but its just to dictate whether you use the proxy or not so that laptops can be used by staff out of school.

    The problem we have found is that in some setups of IE8 (no common denominator) both on W7 or XP when accessing HTTPS addresses it has a delay before rendering the page. Quite a lengthy delay for todays internet, say up to 30 seconds before it actually does anything which obviously is not ideal, especially for staff.

    What we have also found is that on a standard ADSL connection, no proxy, basically like someones typical home network it works absolutely fine so the issue appears to be between using the proxy on our current network and HTTPS websites. In addition we have trialled IE7 and in all cases regardless it works fine with everything as if it were manually set up.

    Just to reiterate it doesn't affect all instances of IE8, however we have just opened one of our brand new laptops, straight out of the box, set that up and it has the trouble loading HTTPS websites. However older machines running XP and IE8, some do and some don't.

    I was wondering if anyone had experienced this issue before?

    For reference here is our PAC file in case you can spot anything that maybe is causing it:
    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", "")) return "PROXY proxy.school.com:8084; DIRECT";
    Any help appreciated.

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    Hi Darryl,

    Did you get this problem solved? We're seeing similar behaviour with our proxy server here.


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