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Wireless Networks Thread, Basic VLAN in Technical; Hi all Im looking to setup a VLAN in our school purely for testing a new domain. I want the ...
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    Basic VLAN

    Hi all

    Im looking to setup a VLAN in our school purely for testing a new domain.

    I want the vlan to be seperate from the current domain and have no communication whatsoever.

    I have a spare Level1 GSW-2496 that i will be using but new to vlan's so after advice on how best to set this up. The GSW-2496 is attached to 1 of 2 core switches (both GSW-2496's) that both connect to our LEA's routing switch which is the gateway (Nortel PP 1424T) - that then is connected to the router. The LEA manage the gatewat/routing switch so we have no access so want to know how best to set our switches up so that the seperate vlan traffic is seperated to the core switches and the routing switch.

    I have tinkered with the new vlan switch settings by enabling the port-based vlan mode for all the ports on the switch. This works fine - the test server cannot see the other domain or anything on there at all.

    Im now looking at tweaking it a little to allow access to the web. The new test network cant see the gateway. How can i go about setting it up so it can see the gateway and get web access?

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    Best bet is if you have a spare pc (can be an old one) put 2 nics in it and set up some firewall software like ipcop. Have the external port of this plugged into a non vlanned port on your switch and the internal on a vlanned port.

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