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Wireless Networks Thread, wireless connection- ruckus intermittent issue in Technical; Hi, We have the following setup: XP clients, 2008r2 server, 9 new HP 620 laptops with b/g/n wireless, 100mb wired ...
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    wireless connection- ruckus intermittent issue

    We have the following setup:
    XP clients, 2008r2 server, 9 new HP 620 laptops with b/g/n wireless, 100mb wired network. Desktop PCs work fine, generally quick internet and network access, 2mb upload, 4mb download. 9 Ruckus zf2942 APs around the school, b/g only. Ruckus managed controller ZD1012.

    In our ICT Suite, there is 1 dedicated ruckus AP, plugged into network. The desktops PCs plugged into our network work fine- internet speed is sufficient and generally constantly available.

    However, the 9 laptops connect intermittently, almost in groups at a time. Although the wireless icon shows connected, with full strength, some will be able to 'download' from the net when others can't and then it seems like they switch. With only 9 laptops, it's not like it's over burdened. Seems random.

    Any ideas? Any settings that I could tweak? Or do I need to fork out and get an engineer in?

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you checked your Spanning tree settings on your switch where the other AP's that have no Internet are plugged in ? they could be going into the blocked state for whatever reason in which the wireless would still show connected but you will loose Ethernet Connection. Have you checked your IP on the laptops see if it gets released when you loose Internet Access - could be a factor of expanding your scope if an address isnt being received for whatever reason.

    Also have you tried powering down the AP's for five minutes and then powering them again see if it works after that ?

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