Hi there,

I have just purchased a TS-859U+ and I have been busy getting a seperate storage network up and running. I am having a problem getting an ip address working the second NIC on my QNAP device (the IP on the main network is working fine).

I have a seperate storage network (seperated by a different VLAN) up and running going through a switch. I have assigned all vmware hosts and a physical backup server an IP on the storage network (10.0.0.xx). All is working fine and I am able to ping each IP from each of the various host machines. I have another port on the switch (configured on the same VLAN) for the second NIC from my qnap box.

I have the primary NIC on the main network (192.168.1.xx) and I am using this to manage the device. I assigned an IP from the storage network onto the second NIC but I am unable to ping the IP address from any devices on the storage network. I have tested the switch port and cable with a different device and this is working fine. I am able to set the test laptop up with the same IP address (on same cable and port) and I am able to ping other devices fine. It is just when I try and ping the IP on the second NIC when it is cabled in.

I have configured the QNAP NIC 2 with the same IP address, set the subnet and left the gateway blank (as per other devices on the same network) but I am unable to ping the IP. I have tried changing the default gateway for the QNAP from NIC1 to 2 as a long shot but still no joy!

Any one any tips on how to get this up and running. All seemed to be going along pretty smoothly and this last task should of been pretty straightforward.