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Wireless Networks Thread, RM CC3 Remote Access in Technical; Hi Has anyone got a terminal services server working with RM CC3 so that staff can log into their network ...
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    RM CC3 Remote Access

    Has anyone got a terminal services server working with RM CC3 so that staff can log into their network at home?
    We have got Easylink working but we need a system where staff can log in and see their desktop and network drives.
    I have been told by RM and another supplier that it isnt possible.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Really? You've been misled.

    It's completely possible to have a TS environment on a CC3 system.

    I wouldn't recommend running it inside the RM structure because of the voodoo RM stuff that goes on but there's no reason users cannot have a desktop, mapped drives, access to applications, printing etc with their normal user/pass.

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    RM recommend CC3 and CC4 terminal servers.

    Only £495 for a CC3 terminal server member license: Secondary Community Connect 3 Server Licensing

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    As kmount said, it is possible. We have had customers running TS alongside CC3 very happily indeed. It is much easier to run them outside the RM GPO and build some dedicated for the TS.

    I hate people who tell porkies about capabilities, when the answer they give is to aid their sales etc.........Drives me nuts

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    It is possible......as said earlier RM offer CC3 & CC4 Terminal Services.

    RM won't support you if you want to access the TS remotely from home - that's what CC4 Anywhere is for! That being said if you can support the remote side of things - maybe buy a sonicwall box or similar VPN solution then that's all you need. If it works in house it should work remotely! You just have to prove to RM its not working in house to get support.

    We have a CC4 Terminal Server that I use during the day for a few thin client machines and then use a Netgear SSL Concentrator box (around £150 I think) that allows staff to remote onto the box at night - The SSL Concentrator was a cheap option and supports upto 25 users and I've just ordered a Sonic Wall box as the next step up for remote access.

    PS.I have a spare Netgear SSL box in the cupboard as well as the one I am replacing - message me if interested! I think they have gone EOL with Netgear and hard to get hold of.

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