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Wireless Networks Thread, VLAN Simulator - Commands in Technical; Im new to creating VLANS and i dont have any Switches where i can test out some configuration on.... Im ...
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    VLAN Simulator - Commands

    Im new to creating VLANS and i dont have any Switches where i can test out some configuration on.... Im going to be trying to VLAN HP Procurve switches and i was just wondering what was the best way to do this? Telnet or Web Interface

    Also, does anyone have like a reference guide for Vlan commands and i dont know if there is on available, but i been googling about but anyone come accross a VLAN Simulatation app?



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    Re: VLAN Simulator - Commands

    Setting up VLANS depends on the type of switch you that is to say each vendor will have thier own way of describing how to do this on thier switches.

    So it is unlikely that you will find a generic guide on how to do this.

    Your best bet is to find someone who has the same type of swicth in place alredy and can give you pointers on what to do.

    As for interface it is most likely that you will use the web interface.

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