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Wireless Networks Thread, WOL fails when Gigabit link speed used in Technical; I have WOL working over the network on Gigabit capable Cisco switches (I forget the model as I don't have ...
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    WOL fails when Gigabit link speed used

    I have WOL working over the network on Gigabit capable Cisco switches (I forget the model as I don't have them to hand right now)

    When the ports are set at 100Mbps WOL works perfectly. But when the ports are switched to 1000Mbps WOL fails every time

    I'm using MC-WOL for the magic packet and the clients will accept it when the port is set at 100Mbps but not 1000Mbps. And I can't see any settings that are different for the NICs when set to auto 1000. The option for Magic packet is there and enabled both on the NIC in windows and in the bios.

    Any thoughts anyone?

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    Is the switch on automatic or on fixed 1GB/s and also what are the driver settings for WOL speed on the NICs, we have a bunch that let you change the WOL speed as when the system is off and it just keeps up a link for WOL it steps down to 10MBit/s to save power. This setting can however be changed to force it to a higher default link speed. It could be that the NIC is dropping to a lower speed state and the switch is not noticing or that the link becomes unstable. You may be able to change this option in the driver (if it is there) to make it maintain a full 1GB/s link for WOL packets which may help everything coexist a bit happier.
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    Not sure if this helps at all but on one or two clients maybe update the network card driver , disable the power management option either through device manager or through the advanced options button and as above ref synacks suggestion about the WOL settings

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