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Wireless Networks Thread, Intermittent Internet Lancsngfl in Technical; HI Please can anyone help. On Friday last week we started to get a few client pcs not able to ...
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    Intermittent Internet Lancsngfl


    Please can anyone help. On Friday last week we started to get a few client pcs not able to access the internet but we could access the internal county servers like moodle and the school cms site and lancngfl mail but could not access things things like google and the rest of the internet. Is any one else having this problem. Most of the clients who had the problem got a blank screen with done at the bottom and a few got time out errors from one of the back end proxies. The problem appeared to get better as Friday went but as today has gone along more and clients have the problem.

    I checked my squid proxy box and on Friday got loads of connection failures but today we have no errors in the logs. Clients with the problem continue to access county servers but not internet.

    I have reported this to the Westfield centre but they claim there is no problem with the county servers.

    We have not made any recent changes to our network so this is confusing.
    The internal network appears to be working ok.
    I have done netdiag, and dcdiags and no errors.
    I have checked replication of the servers and that appears to be working.
    I have done nslookups against each dns server and they appear to get ip addresses for sites.
    I have checked the dhcp and the dns for the clients appears to be my two dns servers.
    I have checked the forwarders on both dns servers and they have the two county dns servers listed.
    I have done tracert to different sites and it hops several times and then it stops hopping at a county address.

    Please can someone help?

    I have no idea what to try next.


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    Does your LA have cache servers as these sometimes screw up and need to be configure especially as they will be in series and knowing the LAs running off the same switch or router which probably hasn't been configured properly or is down for some reason.

    What version of IE are your clients running and are your XP clients up to SP3?

    These are things I would be looking at and also how your clients IE settings are configured through your GPOs.

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