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Wireless Networks Thread, Advice needed - multiple broadbands in Technical; Hi, I am in the process of purchasing a new phone line with ADSL and upgrading our existing line to ...
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    Advice needed - multiple broadbands


    I am in the process of purchasing a new phone line with ADSL and upgrading our existing line to fibre, mostly because I am in the process of getting a UAG box up and running for remote access.

    So, how can I make it so certain computers use the new fibre line and others use the older adsl line? I want this because we have boarders who download alot on an evening and I don't want it interferring with school work or remote access.

    Currently using Schoolguardian.

    Do I need to look at implementing VLANS or do you reckon a router at the broadband connections would be enough?

    I am kinda relaxed about allowing boarders on the system but I will be VLanning soon, just need the time to get my head round it.

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    SG should allow you to pick certain ranges to go via a secondary connection.
    You may need advanced firewall to do VLANs - but just ask your account manager to swap it for you.

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    VLANs would be the simplest route.

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