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Wireless Networks Thread, Switches in Technical; has anyone in the Hull area got a spare Nortel switch ? for private use I run a large home ...
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    has anyone in the Hull area got a spare Nortel switch ? for private use I run a large home network and my Cisco 3550 has died and wondered whether anyone has a spare switch I could borrow until I can buy a new one ?

    Doesn't have to be Nortel - I just need either a managed / unmanaged 16-24 port switch.

    I also fancy having a play with some of their kit never really used it before and would like the knowledge

    If someone could send me a message that would be fantastic.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    I have a Cisco 3500 Series 48 Port 10/100mb swich - been sitting on my shelf for a year collecting dust, PM me if your interested.

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