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Wireless Networks Thread, Network load or How does it do that? in Technical; We are re-setting up our PRTG monitoring station after it died and got into a conversation about our network load. ...
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    Network load or How does it do that?

    We are re-setting up our PRTG monitoring station after it died and got into a conversation about our network load. Generally our network is very quiet, inter-switch traffic is barely registering & our worry is that something unknown could be going wrong. So I set up a test and copied 9Gb of stuff across to a server and monitored the graphs. The server and my machine are on Gig links but the graph maxed at about 200Mb/s. This then got us also talking about our knowledge or what is actually happening at the lowest level of networking.

    So a list of questions for the interwebs:

    Should our network be busier? We don't have any major issues with load times but if the network is that quiet shouldn't things be super quick?

    Would a server only use a portion of its bandwidth, reserving the rest for other users to come along? Or should it give the majority to a user and then cut it back as other users appear?

    I know negotiation goes on between devices when they talk so is part of that a barter for the optimal network speed to transfer data? If so could that indicate that we have dodgy wiring/connections/sockets/switches/gremlins somewhere in our infrastructure?

    We know the PRTG scales are correct as we have done ever so much testing and calibrating on them so it is not anything like that. & we know the graphing works as the Router is shown jabbering away quite nicely and tells us quite clearly when the internet is being hammered.

    So over to you guys!

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    Try something like Lanbench (LANBench - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com) to rule out disk I/O limitations on the client/server when testing.

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